Dementia (Everything You Need To Know)

We received a lot of requests to write a complete guide on what is dementia. Thus we bring you this overview of the syndrome, causes, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and more. Dementia Definition Dementia is an overall term that describes a

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alzheimers disease

Alzheimer’s Disease Ultimate Guide

What is Alzheimer’s Disease? Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a chronic neurodegenerative progressive disorder that causes brain cells to degenerate or slowly waste away. The progressive illness is one of the most common causes of dementia. The illness first involves the

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lewy body dementia

Lewy Body Dementia Complete Guide

Also known as dementia with Lewy bodies, Lewy Body dementia (LBD) is a progressive illness that involves abnormal deposits of a protein known as alpha-synuclein in the brain.

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It is of utmost importance for reaDementia to be as transparent as possible with our content creation process. Creating easily-digestible, current and accurate articles to bring value to every user is our passion.

Even though you can effortlessly collect information about dementia on the internet, finding a reliable resource can be difficult. That’s when reaDementia comes into effect. It changes the way caregivers, family members, and patients educate themselves about dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and everything else related to the condition.

With a simple approach to content creation, we make sure that everyone is comfortable with gaining knowledge, even about the most complex topics. We also try to avoid medical jargon that might complicate the way a user understands the subject.

Our articles, whether more in-depth or quick answers to questions, address the whole spectrum of the broad term that is dementia.

We are all on this journey together, even though not all of us experience it exactly the same. We strive to be your trusted partner in your pursuit of expanding your understanding of dementia.

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We at reaDementia focus on writing high-quality articles that help anyone facing dementia, as well as their family members, friends and caregivers. Through our in-depth reviews and overviews of different conditions, symptoms and treatments, we try to contribute our knowledge via easy-to-digest content.

By covering the full spectrum of dementia, reaDementia is one of the most trusted resources that connects multiple professionals who share their expertise. We also guarantee that each content is up-to-date, meeting all the latest standards. Meaning, we frequently go through the articles and reviews and update them accordingly.

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Dementia Care Resources

To provide value to our audience, we have sought aged-care resources, specialized equipment, and dementia services to assist people (and their families, friends, and caregivers) with dementia and dementia related illnesses.

We have sourced a range of resources that include: medical supplies, phone-in support service, improve memory program, a children’s book, the Alzheimer’s store and brain health supplements.

To ensure the resources we share with you are of integrity and offer value, ReaDementia provides unbiased product reviews, and reviews on the specific companies supplying equipment and services.

To learn more about specific equipment, programs and services for providing assistance, care and treatment to people with dementia visit HERE.

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Ultimate Dementia Guides (Free Downloadable)

Even though you can readily source information about Dementia on the internet, finding a dependable resource is not always easy. Our Complete Dementia Guides provides caregivers, family members, and patients with current information to educate themselves about the different forms of the condition.

Our guides to dementia are a gift to you from our team here at They are FREE and EASY to download.

Dementia Everything You Need To Know Free Guide

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