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Even though you can readily collect information about Dementia on the internet, finding a dependable resource can be difficult. Our Complete Dementia Guides provides caregivers, family members, and patients with current information to educate themselves about the various forms of the condition.

Dementia Guides

Our guides to dementia are a gift to you from our team here at reaDementia.com. They are FREE and EASY to download.

Dementia – Everything You Need to Know

Dementia Everything You Need To Know Free Guide

‘Dementia describes a wide range of medical disorders that are characterized by abnormal changes in the brain.

The illness, also known as a major neurocognitive disorder, will either be progressive or chronic.

These changes often trigger various negative changes like a decline in cognitive abilities that end up impairing a person’s autonomy; thus, affecting their everyday lives.’

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Alzheimer’s Disease Ultimate Guide

Ultimate Guide to Alzheimer's Disease Free eBook

‘Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most complex illnesses with lots of unknowns.

Scientists have, however, figured out that the illness becomes worse over time.

Some treatments also exist to help improve the quality of life and delay symptoms even though there is no remedy yet.’

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Lewy Body Dementia – A Complete Guide

Lewy Body Dementia Complete Guide Free eBook

‘Also identified as dementia with Lewy bodies, Lewy Body dementia is a progressive disease that involves abnormal deposits of a protein known as alpha-synuclein in the brain.

These deposits are described as Lewy bodies.

Lewy bodies grow in the brain’s nerve cells affecting thinking and motor control.’

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Vascular Dementia – A Complete Guide

Vascular Dementia Complete Guide Free eBook

‘Brain damage causes vascular dementia, which happens during the decrease of the supply of blood to some areas of the brain. This may be as a result of clogged blood vessels, a succession of small strokes, or a stroke.

Over time, the cells in the areas of the brain affected will stop working and dementia warning signs start developing.

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About Our Ultimate Dementia Guides eBooks

With a straightforward approach to content creation, we ensure that everyone is comfortable with gaining understanding. We also aim to avoid medical jargon that may complicate the way a user understands the subject.

It is of utmost importance to be as open and clear as possible with our content creation process. Providing easily to understand, current and accurate information, ensuring that those who read our guides gain value.

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About the Author

Our professional team at reaDementia focus on writing high-quality articles that help anyone facing dementia, as well as their family members, friends and caregivers.

Although Trevor Howitt is the owner/author of the guides, it entailed a collaborative team approach to research and write the content to the guides.

Closing Remarks

We are all on this journey together, even though not all of us experience dementia in exactly the same way. We strive to be your trusted partner in your quest of expanding your understanding of Dementia.

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