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Thank you for your interest in our services. We are excited to have the opportunity to collaborate!

Sponsored/Guest Posts

Growing Our Community

We have welcomed, and published guests posts with no charge for people who request to share their personal involvement with dementia, and for professionals wanting to contribute research. We also consider guest posts from quality websites where there is a mutual benefit in sharing a do-follow link.

Commercial Brands

Although relatively new to publishing paid sponsored posts, our website readership has grown to a viable level to be able to offer this service to commercial brands.

Therefore, we would be interested in collaborating with you in publishing a guest post if your post aligns with our niche, is of value to our audience and that you are okay with our guidelines.

Current Stats On Our Website

  • advertising partnershipsUnique visitors: 5,330/month
  • Visitors: 6,000/month
  • Page views: 8,700/month
  • Average time: 2m 06s
  • Traffic: mostly organic
  • Top countries: USA 67%, UK 14%, Australia/Canada 10%
  • Website visitors are increasing as we grow the site
  • New articles published monthly
  • Top article post visits: 500/month

Post Guidelines

Please refer to to understand our guidelines for guest writers.

For Commercial Brand Sponsored Posts – we offer:

  • Brand mentions
  • 1 or 2 do follow links
  • Post will remain on the site for a minimum of 12 months
  • SEO applied to post (to gain traffic organically)
  • Post to be written by you in accordance to our guidelines

For Commercial Brand Side/bottom bar Adverts

  • Sponsorship begins first day of month after ad is placed
  • Advertisement placed in prominent position in the side/bottom bar
  • Ads are visible all month long
  • 1 or 2 no-follow links

Other Services

  • Product reviews
  • Blogger advertisement
  • Free non-profit promotion
  • Brand promotion or advert with no-follow link within content of one of our top ranking pages


A Do-follow Backlink for a Do-follow Backlink

We are always endeavouring to improve our SEO, and receiving high quality links to articles on our site help us do so. We seek to collaborate with other websites to improve their and our link profiles. If you are interested in discussing options please contact us.

Fees for Services

Please contact us for a breakdown of our fees for advertising space and sponsored posts.

All fees are in US$ and payable through Payoneer.

Payment must be made 5 days before sponsor month begins. Sponsorship is non-refundable and no guarantees can be made regards the success of placed ads.

Ads and corresponding links must be provided 3 days of start in jpeg format. Animated images are not permitted.

You’re Interested. Great! What next?

If you are interested in collaborating, please contact us with your ideas, request and questions.

Next up would be submitting your guest post (or advertisement) for review.

We do appreciate the time and effort that goes into writing a post; however, we do not guarantee that your post will be accepted for publishing, especially if it does not seem to fit with what our website’s audience are looking for.

Sponsored/guest post articles must align with our theme, be of benefit to our readers, and be well written.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will be applied to gain best position for organic traffic with search engines.

We can provide suggestions on topics for the post that are keyword competitive for SEO and are of interest to our audience.

To begin sponsorship with please contact Trevor Howitt on the contact form provided.

A Little More About ReaDementia

We are grateful to be able to assist caregivers, family members, and patients with educating themselves about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. was founded Oct 2018 by a passionate blogger who had a keen interest in health brought about from his personal journey experiencing a close family member with dementia. He had engaged professionals to write over 150 quality articles.

In 2021 I purchased ReaDementia.

Since taking over the management of the website, I reorganized it. This has improved visitor navigation so that visitors can easily find the information they are seeking. Through my personal interest in health, I have contributed articles and continued to publish articles written by others.

Paid advertising has been added to the site. The income from advertising helps me continue to engage professionals to research and write quality articles for our audience.

We’ve recently started growing a community on Facebook. It is very early days with 38 followers.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to having an advertising partnership with you. Each sponsor is carefully considered.

Kind Regards

Trevor Howitt

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