Editorial Process

It is of utmost importance for reaDementia to be as transparent as possible with our content creation process. Creating easily-digestible, current and accurate articles to bring value to every user is our passion.

Even though you can effortlessly collect information about dementia on the internet, finding a reliable resource can be difficult. That’s when reaDementia comes into effect. It changes the way caregivers, family members, and patients educate themselves about dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and everything else related to the condition.

With a simple approach to content creation, we make sure that everyone is comfortable with gaining knowledge, even about the most complex topics. We also try to avoid medical jargon that might complicate the way a user understands the subject.

Our articles, whether more in-depth or quick answers to questions, address the whole spectrum of the broad term that is dementia.

We are all on this journey together, even though not all of us experience it exactly the same. We strive to be your trusted partner in your pursuit of expanding your understanding of dementia.

Our content creation process

We are a group of professionals and editorial experts who are devoted to producing high-quality content that follows the latest journalistic criteria and regulations. Every piece of information that you find on reaDementia is honest, transparent and comprehensive.

Our professional team

ReaDementia is an always-expanding group of experts with years of experience both in medical and journalist fields. Our content is reviewed and fact-checked by accredited medical writers and doctors to nutritionists, neurologists, physicians, and researchers.

Our writers

All the written material that you find on reaDementia is fact-checked and created by experienced writers and journalists with a medical background. They particularly specialize in dementia, Alzheimer’s diseases, and other related conditions.

Our review and assessment processes

Experts and professionals examine every article and research that we publish on reaDementia. This guarantees accurate and up-to-date information. We also frequently rereview our published content and improve it if necessary. This helps us stay on track with all the latest news, researches, and findings that cover dementia, which keep reaDementia the most trustworthy resource.

Our references and sources

All the references and sources that we use when gathering information are from different organizations, authority websites, research institutions, and medical associations. We link to all sources, statistics, researches and studies from within our articles, as well as list all the references at the bottom.

Our content is current

Each original piece of content that we make public is carefully researched and studied in advance. To avoid outdated information, studies, and statistics, we thoroughly review the text before publishing.

Even though we are regularly updating reaDementia with new information, some data may slip through. We normally notice the issue on our next review, or a loyal reader informs us about the necessary improvement. We always take immediate action, updated the article, and republish it.

For any questions, comments and suggestions, you can always use our contact form to get in touch.

Our writing style

Through our texts, you will not only find the necessary knowledge about a particular topic but gain positivity and empowerment, too. The right use of words in combination with an approachable style of writing creates a pleasant experience regardless of how difficult the subject may be.
We would say that the three characteristics of our writing style are: integrity, compassion, and dependability.

Our website is for you

It is our primary objective to put you in the center of all the happening. Thus, our content is authentic and genuine, with a friendly and easy-going tone to it, making sure it touches every visitor. Empathy is knowledge.

We value your comments, feedback and reactions

Only by joining forces, we can distribute the knowledge from user to user and community to community, which is critical to fighting against dementia.
We appreciate all your comments and feedback that can contribute to making reaDementia even better and more excellent.

If you would like to share your opinion, ask questions or think we should improve our content, feel free to visit this page and send us a message.

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