Coconut Oil and Dementia – Cure or Myth

On the quest to uncover options to cure and prevent dementia, numerous statements crop up one of them being about coconut oil and dementia.

Several studies suggest that people with dementia can use coconut oil to treat the illness.

The parties that brought this forward base this on the theory that the brain cells of persons with dementia cannot use glucose to produce energy resulting in the starvation of nerve cells effectively.

When the brain does not have enough energy, it will use energy from ketone bodies.

These bodies may offer an alternative energy source to the cells in the brain, moderating the damage that Alzheimer’s causes.

They believe that coconut oil can come in to help the brain with this alternative source of energy.

This is simply because the human body produces ketones by metabolizing coconut oil and other similar substances such as fatty acids.

The experts involved in explaining this connection between coconut oil and dementia have, however, not tabled adequate scientific evidence to back these claims.

This said it is not something that people should ignore. Especially if there is a possibility that the oil can be beneficial to individuals with dementia.

Can You Reverse Dementia With Coconut?

Let’s look at some of the milestones that experts have achieved concerning the use of coconut oil among individuals with dementia before concluding whether this is an angle worth pursuing, or it is just a myth.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for the Body

benefits of coconut oil for the body
Before diving deeper into the subject of coconut oil and dementia, it is best to discuss general ways the oil affects the mind and body.

Years of research reveal that coconut oil is great for the entire body. Experts recommend that people should consume non-hydrogenated, cold-pressed, organic virgin coconut oil.

This is a heart-healthy oil option that does not have any trans-fats or cholesterol. The oil offers numerous benefits, such as:

  • Improving brain health
  • Enhancing the way the body uses insulin
  • It is great for the health of hair and skin
  • Increases good cholesterol (HDL) hence improves cholesterol levels
  • Acts as a natural antibiotic and antioxidant
  • Boosts thyroid function

Going by all these perks that the oil offers, it is hard not to see why it is important to discuss further the issues on whether persons with dementia can benefit from using coconut oil.

Studies That Support Use of Coconut Oil to Treat Dementia

studies that support use of coconut oil to treat dementia
Dr. Mary Newport is one of the advocates of coconut oil as a treatment for dementia.

She claims in her book “Alzheimer’s Disease: What If There Was a Cure? The Story of Ketones” that her husband Steve benefitted a great deal from the consumption of coconut oil while suffering from dementia.

According to Mary, it did not take long for her husband to record significant improvements after he started consuming the oil.

A neonatal physician, Dr. Mary, decided to include coconut oil in her husband’s diet because she was already familiar with the MCT oil supplements gotten from coconut oil to feed premature infants.

She gave Steve, her husband, coconut oil, and supplemental MCT oil so that it could feed his brain directly, bypassing glucose metabolism.

Dr. Newport documented his progress as well as her struggle to convince the medical establishment to consider the use of MCT oil and coconut oil treatment in treating dementia.

In many circles, this is a topic that remains highly controversial.

A study from the University of Oxford also supports the use of coconut oil for people with dementia.

A person can experience short-term benefits

It states that individuals with dementia can experience short-term benefits from the use of coconut oil.

coconut oil

The research basically supports Dr. Newport’s theory that coconut oil can indeed enhance cognitive function.

Dr. Mary explains that ketones, which are by-products of fat breakdown in the body, play an essential role in the health of the human brain.

The primary idea here is that consumption of coconut oil boosts ketones, which enhances cognitive function.

Healthy oils/fats are healthy for brain

A member of the medical advisory board of Nutritional Magnesium Association Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, also supports the idea that persons with dementia can get relief by taking coconut oil.

According to her, different cultures across the globe have celebrated the potential health benefits of coconut oil. For a long time, the oil has been used as a natural skin softener, hair strengthener, and anti-fungal treatment.

Moreover, Dr. Dean says that she first witnessed the strength of coconut oil while working with people with HIV.

There were multiple cases where persons with the disease said they felt better after the oil.

She further goes on to state that other than coconut oil and dementia, the oil may be beneficial for persons who have other incurable diseases like ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), Parkinson’s disease or even multiple sclerosis.

Closing Thoughts

Currently, there is no strong evidence confirming that people with dementia can use coconut oil to treat or prevent dementia and some of its symptoms.

Industry experts need to conduct more extensive research, experiments, studies, and clinical trials on the topic of coconut oil and dementia.

This way, people will get to know whether it’s true that coconut contains dementia healing properties, or it is just a myth.

If you are interested in learning all about CBD oil and dementia, as well as olive oil, we have full articles written on the topic of cannabidiol.

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