Can Dementia be Treated?

can dementia be treated

For the longest time, there has been no positive answer for people who ask can dementia be treated.

This is something that has changed in the recent past where some experts claim that treatment for dementia is now possible.

One of them is Dr. Dale Bredesen the author of “The End of Alzheimer’s: The Frist Program, to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline” developed the ReCODE (Reversal of COgnitive DEcline) program.

This is said to be a dementia treatment program.

But is it really?

Bredesen believes that he has the solution for anyone asking can dementia be reversed.

The doctor based his program on studying different dementia disease mechanisms. It is in alignment with the principles of functional and integrative medicine.

Dr. Dale states that the program is a full-spectrum functional medicine approach that addresses all the physiological imbalances and dysfunctions that people with dementia experience.

This focuses on bringing back the balance to the brain that dementia interferes with.

The core strategies for treating dementia according to this program are based on diet, lifestyle, supplements, herbs, and medications often in this order.

The approach that a person takes depends on the type of dementia they are battling.

Some people may benefit from correcting nocturnal oxygenation while others will get treatment through a low-glycemic diet.

A percentage of those with dementia can also try detoxification for treatment while others may require controlling inflammation or balancing hormones.

What is the best treatment for dementia?

Many studies, however, still state that the answer is still “NO” when you ask can dementia be treated. Instead of offering a cure for dementia, many experts offer solutions that can help to manage symptoms of the disease like:


dementia treatment medications
Medics have identified several drugs that can be used to improve some dementia symptoms temporarily such as:

Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors

These are medicines that help to boost the levels of a chemical messenger that is involved in judgment and memory.


These are drugs that are manufactured to help regulate glutamate activities. This is a chemical messenger that is responsible for a variety of brain functions like memory and learning.

A doctor may also prescribe other medications that treat other conditions or symptoms like hallucinations, agitation, sleep disturbances, and depression.

Note that some medicines may have severe side effects; thus, it is important not to self-medicate when you have dementia.

Consult a professional doctor who will assist in the identification of the most effective drugs. Medics also recommend routine vision and hearing checks.

Having problems with vision or hearing can escalate some of the dementia symptoms that an individual experiences.

Doctors can quickly identify whether the person needs hearing aids or new eyeglass prescriptions so that the individual with dementia is more comfortable.


dementia treatment therapies
Medics can recommend various types of therapies when a person asks can dementia be reversed.

The non-drug approaches can be used to take care of various behavioral problems or symptoms that persons with dementia may have. These include:

Occupational Therapy

This helps persons with dementia maintain the ability to conduct meaningful activities for the longest possible time.

Do not forget to check all the amazing benefits of occupational therapy, too.

Cognitive stimulation therapies

These are designed to help with language abilities, memory, and problem-solving skills to keep the mind active.

Reminiscence Work

These are done to enhance wellbeing and mood. We put together an in-depth overview of the reminiscence therapy for people with dementia.

Reality Orientation

This is where experts work with persons with dementia to help them remember basic things like the time, date, and names.

Talking Therapies

A person with dementia can go through counseling to help them come to terms with what they are going through or discuss what they feel.

Lifestyle Changes

can dementia be treated
Experts also recommend lifestyle changes for persons seeking answers to can dementia be treated.

These include things like staying active, sleeping well, eating foods that help with their current situation, staying organized, and brain workouts amongst others.

Closing Remarks

Research is still ongoing to conclusively answer the question can dementia be treated?

This is because some experts strongly claim that dementia can be cured or reversed while others say that there is still no cure.

Hopefully, soon, all dementia experts will speak in the same voice.

In short, if it is not already in the later stages, it can be alleviated. Meaning, identifying it early enough is crucial for the more comfortable living of the patient.

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